Exploring Amsterdam (holland)

Hello World 

I thought I would start my first travel blog with a place that blew my mind!

Many people think (especially parents that haven’t been lol ) that we all travel to Amsterdam for the culture …… It’s defiantly not the case (partly).

Amsterdam is beautiful ! Stunning in fact,  it reminds me of a cross between London & Venice with a mix of high buildings and the beautiful narrow canals.

It’s like Amsterdam changes throughout the day ! In the light it’s this architectural masterpiece ……. At night it’s a dark architectural masterpiece with a twist .. You feel like your In a Vampire movie, like in a  fantasy.

The red light district is amazing although most of the experience is mostly for 18+ lol!

I would definitely recommend a visit to the city .. I had such a great time exploring and experiencing different things ….. But I wouldn’t stay in a hostel again !!

Places I visited in Amsterdam: 

Van Gogh museum: I love art .. But there is so much of it I got board quite quickly!

Ann Frank House: I loved this .. What a beautiful place she lived in and an amazing bit of history .. The line is so long so get there early !!

Go have an adventure !!!

2 thoughts on “Exploring Amsterdam (holland)

    1. Oh thats a good way of doing it , we were not sure whether it was open that late! 🙂 well i think it was because we lined up for 2:30 hours then i lost my bag ticekt haha, it was interesting but yeah got a little bored lol! x


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