Highlights Of Egypt

Hello Bloggers

When you spend 6 months in Egypt .. You get to know a few things. I’m not the biggest fan of Egypt …. I think it’s my patience lol. When you get hounded a lot it puts you of, and I know there only trying to get business, but when you work there it’s like come on .. You know we come here every week !!

Okay now to the important things.

What, where, trips and tips:

  • Nile Cruises : a great way to explore Egypt , without getting sea sick.  There not plush boats like the massive cruise ships nowadays .. But are nice enough!
  • Valley of the Kings: great place to explore!! It’s hot though .. Take lots of water and 50+ sun lotion!! Lol
  • Wadi Rum: this is basically a desert that you travel round on quad bikes with lush red sands ! I would recommend it !
  • Pyramids: now it’s a long journey into Cairo unless your staying there … It’s great to experience the pyramids and explore inside them .. The air gets thin so be careful if you get claustrophobic. You get hassled quite a bit .. I basically punched someone as they were grabbing me as I got off the coach .. But was apologised to very quickly. Again would recommend .. Just don’t loose your temper haha.
  • Cairo Museum: Amazing, Full of history and famous mummies

Hassling: just ignore them if you can and be polite … unless there is something you want then don’t ignore them lol 

 Egypt is a great place but it’s not for everyone 🙂 x

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