The Boatyard ( Barbados )

Hello Peoples

The Boatyard:

  • Celebraties tend to visit the boatyard quite a lot, you could end up meeting your idol ( i met no one 😉 )
  • They do the most amazing smoothies ! the strawberry smoothie is the best thing i have ever tasted ! apart from the Cinema  Ice Blasts, there just something else.
  • The sea is very strong there for some reason so be careful!
  • i did spend most of the time on the trampoline, ice berg and rope swing! and about 10 minutes trying to convince myself to jump off the platform…… i was eventually convinced by a  5 year old lad who was like COME ON !! he launched off the platform, i felt it was my duty to jump then …. embarrassment or what.
  • The Music is great
  • The food is amazing…. what else is there !!! lol

Please visit this amazing place !

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