The Thomson Celebration (Thomson Cruises)

Oh Hi !

I thought i would share with you my favourite cruise ship of all time … at the moment of course. I’ve been cruising since i was about 11 years of age. And its one thing i will probably never stop doing for the rest of my life, holidaying or working, it means a lot to me and have developed my personality. Its made me more confident, social, mature, and its something that i would recommend to any kid. The Thomson Celebration is by far my favourite ship for so many reasons:

  • One of the friendliest ships on the seas
  • its like home going back there (not just because it was my actual home for 6 months) lol
  • the best atmosphere, the best way to socialise and meet new people.

When i was 17 i decided to apply to go a work on board the Thomson cruise ships …… i was probably the shyest person ever! i was petrified to go to my audition, i had eaten the whole packet of rescue remedy chewing gum (which i found out after are basically laxatives lol ) and to amaretto shots !! but i managed to shut of my nerves and blew through the audition.

I spent 6 months on the Thomson Celebration entertaining thousands on the seven seas! and it was incredible

Just to end my blog about my love for the celebration you can find out more info about the ship here : en.wikipedia.orgwiki/MS_Thomson_Celebration

Thanks Beauties !!


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