Dubrovnik, Croatia

Evening Bloggers!

Dubrovnik is another city one of my favourite places to visit and i will continue to go back there. Dubrovnik is known for its distinctive old town with massive stone walls that were build in the 16th century. The town is lined with shops and restaurants. The Town is stunning, and is full of history.

The first time i ever went there, me and the family decided to go for walk around edge of the walls to see if there was any hidden beauties, we came across an opening in the wall, this led down to a bar on the cliff side, where you can jump of into the water and swim :), Or BOMB ! They are also known for there amazing range of coloured, funny shaped candles in all different sizes.

If you want to find the cliff side bar, enter the Old Town and follow the wall around to the right until you come across the entrance.

Again, a great place to visit, and the port is beautiful.

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