Some Of The Things I Love About Nature

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Many people look past Nature as just a thing that is just there, nature is a part of our everyday lives, but we don’t tend to notice it.

The things i love about nature:

  • The way the trees look all year round, the rich dark Green Leaves in the summer, the multi coloured beauty of the trees in autumn, and even the bare branches that crackle in the winter, and when the snow lays on the branches, still as anything.
  • How beautiful every single animal is in the world, the way they live, there habitat, its incredible the way the animal kingdom was made.
  • Driving: The only bad thing with driving is the fact you can’t observe whats around you … i do ooops! i love travelling around roads that are tunnelised (new word) by trees, feels like something out of alice and wonderland. I was driving back from a film premier in Westfield and the sun was just setting, i saw a single tree on a high hill and the sun was beaming through each branch, it was so beautiful.

The reason why i travel is about loving nature as well, different cultures, a different way the world works , thousands of miles away.

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