St Maarten’s, Caribbean

Hello World

Okay so back to the Caribbean ! One of the best and most beautiful parts of the world … Crystal blue waters and the greenest trees! 

The cover photos I took when I was in St Maarten’s, I couldn’t stop taking pictures! As soon as I stepped off that gangway onto the deck I was in love. 

The town is so colourful with palm trees lining the streets! 

So the beach was our aim for the day … As most of my days were after a little explore!  We got a boat over to the mainland as I would call it .. There was people singing reggae … Drinking beer … I loved it .. I could have stayed on that boat all day !

Although we spent most of the day getting my mother a beautiful wedding ring …. We had a couple of hours left .. We ate in the Hard Rock Cafe, this was situated on a balcony and was the bet view! 

I love a swim … And I was just casual doggy paddling out from the shore when 3 turtles popped there head out of the water … So technically I can say I swam with the turtles.

Great place to relax….. Great place for shopping … Overall amazing. 

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