Venice (Italy)

Venice Is Calling 

Venice, the stunning capital of northern Italy’s Veneto Region, built on more then 150 small islands in the Adriatic sea. Everything in Venice seems to float on islands, and the walls seem to emerge out of the water creating beautiful images. The Grand canal is where all of the cruise ships, water taxis, private yachts sail though, one year Rhianna’s yacht was parked nicely on the grand canal.

Things you must do:

  • Walk though the maze-like streets of Venice, just to experience the amazing streets, and the beautiful shops hidden in the maze.
  • Get a water taxi – Something that must be experienced, as the boats, gondola’s and water are what ,makes Venice Venice.
  • Go on a gondola, they are expensive, but well worth the experience.
  • The magnificent piazza San Marco is an experience in itself: Napoleon referred to it as the ‘drawing room of Europe’.
  • St Mark’s Square is beautiful, in the heart of the city, by the waterfront, full of hungry pigeons.
  • Have a shop around the markets, get a mask…… you’ll know what i mean
  • Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) a gorgeous place to have a pizza and a glass of bubbly for about 70 euros !! lol expensive down the front of the bridge, but amazing.

Venice is famous for hosting a number of films such as, The 2006 James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’, The Tourist, From Russia With Love and the home to loads of Shakespeare films and plays. i feel that when your in the city, your an extra in a massive film, just going about your business.

My best experience of Venice would be sailing out down the grand canal, blasting out Pavarotti, drinking champagne, the water taxis bibbing, everyone waving !what an experience.

Venice is still to this day one of my favorite places in the world…….. Cruise into Venice if you can.

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