London ( The Undiscovered Beauty)

Morning Travel Goers 

Where would I be if I didn’t write about the capital of England ! London …. Wow what a place. There is so much to do in London …..

London is my faverioute place in the world, it may be because it’s near to home, but I defiantly don’t think that’s the reason. 

As a kid I’d always wanted to go to London, but I used to be so busy with football that we didn’t even have time to go into Milton Keynes let alone London. 

My very first time in London must have been about 5 years ago … I still remember the first time I saw it .. I was blown away…. How can a city look this amazing? Even to this day going to London feels like the first time, I feel like a little kid all over again every time I go. 

What makes London London:

  • The constant film premiers: I have been to three, and I can honestly say I love them … Even though you have to wait ages … You get to meet your fave celebs and get selfies with them. You keep saying to yourself I can’t believe that just happened. 
  • Shakespeare: London is well known for its Shakespearean culture, with plays performed throughout theatres, readings… Everything you can imagine and of corse the The Globe, the original place where Shakespeare put on his plays , although it’s been moved and done up a little.
  • West End Shows: Now this is my fave part of London…. The nightlife…. Mostly because of the amazing shows that are cast and performed on stage … I’ve seen quite a few .. But my faves would have to be ‘Les Miserables’, ‘phantom of the opera’, and the Book of Mormon. Again you can’t believe what you’ve just watched .. There incredible.
  • Londons architecture: tall high rise buildings , you feel so small walking up the street, the big roads that wind there way through London… Obv the tubes play a massive part.
  • Shopping … If you haven’t shopped there your missing out .. Yeah it maybe just like everywhere else .. But the experience is not.
  • History: LONDON IS FULL OF IT … WW1 & 2 … Jack the Ripper… Tower of London .. It’s so great to learn about your capital city! 

If you haven’t been to London …. What you waiting for … Get on the train and tube an get that arse to Leicester Square !

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