Packing for 6 Months …..Cruise ship life

Packing for six months isn’t easy, I mean you can’t just pop to the shops .. Oh !! I need that …… Oh I’m at sea .. Bummer! 

You have to take everything into consideration! I mean everything ….

  • Washing power/ Eco egg to wash your clothes .. And if you don’t know what colours/fabrics  go with what …. Screwed .. Just screwed .. Your gonna have pink uniform just saying !
  • Quilt covers … And go with the vibrant colourful ones.. You want to make your cabin as homely as possible! 
  • Photos …. To make you even more home sick … Haha no it’s nice to see your family and friends  (on your wall before you go to sleep).
  • All the products you love ! And enough to last you enough for the whole contract! You don’t want to end up having to get unknown products from unknown places … Could end badly haha. 
  • Any medications/perscriptions .. To last you !
  • So your on a world cruise … You gonna basically be packing for winter and summer …. HELP .. Especially since you might have a case limit of 40kg! 

All these are examples of only a few things you have to remember .. There’s your fave food you want to make last … Hard drives packed with hundreds of films … And so on !

Don’t forget the vacuum packs !!!

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