Koper, Slovenia

Hell Bloggers

I thought i would start off the day with a lovely city located in southwestern Slovenia. Koper is a coastal town, a popular destination for cruise ships and tourists. Having a unique ecology and biodiversity, it is considered an important national natural resource as Slovenia only has one percent of coastline.

Factual Things: The city of Koper is officially bilingual, with both Slovene and Italian as official languages. There is a lot of beautiful sites in Koper , including the 15th-century Praetorian Palace, this is located in the city square, it was built from two 13th century houses, but it is now home to Koper’s tourist office. The Cathedral of St Nazarius, the Assumption is that it  was built in the second half of the 12th century and has one of the oldest bells in Slovenia (from 1333), cast by Master Jakob in Venice. The upper terrace is periodically open and offers a great view of the Bay of Trieste. In the middle of it hangs the Sacra Conversatione painting from 1516, one of the best Renaissance paintings in Slovenia, made by Vittore Carpaccio.

My View: I loved docking in this port, its a beautiful beautiful medieval city.loose yourself in the maze of streets that wind round the city. i would probably say head for old koper, its a wonder of historical sites that you can explore carved in limestone. There is lots of trips you can take into the center of koper and around the city. IT IS LOVELY 

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